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Two Year Journey to Starion Sports Complex

Thank you to the Mandan community for giving us the ability to create the Starion Sports Complex. Mandan Parks and Recreation appreciates everyone who has been a part of this journey.


Mandan voters approved the ¾ cent sales tax on June 9, 2015. Throughout the past two years Mandan Parks and Recreation’s goal has been to be as transparent as possible and allow patrons to access Starion Sports Complex information. You are able to view the progress in the photos below.


Throughout the past month some of the Starion Sports Complex updates include the installation of Starion Sports Complex signage on the gymnastic building, outdoor stadium bleachers installation, long jump pit construction, finish scoreboard foundation and steel and poured concrete in the Schwan Cadillac Rink.


This month the Starion Sports Complex parking lot will be paved, scoreboards will be installed, LS Drywall will start on interior framing, installation of outdoor light poles, sidewalks will be poured for the bike path, turf installation and continuous work on the exterior and interior of the complex.


We are excited that the project continues to be on target for a September 29, 2017 completion date pending weather cooperation. Mandan Parks and Recreation appreciates the enthusiasm and involvement from the Mandan community! If you would like to schedule a tour, please call Director Cole Higlin at 701-751-6161. Please continue to check our website, www.StarionSportsComplex.com for updates.


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