Living Tree & Bench Memorial Program


  • To allow advocates and friends of Mandan the opportunity to honor and or memorialize relatives and or friends with the planting of a tree  and  purchase of a memorial bench in a Mandan park
  • To assist Mandan Parks and Recreation Foundation with the procurement of new trees and/or benches.


  • The Mandan Parks and Recreation Foundation shall identify parks/golf courses and other locations where trees and/or benches may be placed. Consideration will be made to accommodate location requests from the donor.
  • Trees shall be planted and benches will be maintained by Mandan Parks and Recreation or designated agent. Maintenance of trees shall be in accordance with standard procedure on tree maintenance.
  • Trees shall be planted at the appropriate planting season – May/June or September/October.
  • The donor may assist the Mandan Parks and Recreation Foundation with the selection of the tree and/or bench, however, the final decision shall be the Mandan Parks and Recreation Foundation.
  • Memorial markers may not be placed at the base or on the tree.
  • Trees and/or benches vandalized or destroyed by natural causes may be replaced by the Mandan Parks and Recreation Foundation on an as-can basis. 


Living Tree Memorial Form

Bench Memorial Form


If you have any questions you may reach out to Kelly Thomas at